Menu guidelines ...

use our convenient guide to determine the supplies needed and correct quantity of food to order for your gathering. Our expert event planners are always available assist you.


Please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Generally the portion yield per pan is approx. and depends on how many different items you include!
  2. When you offer more than one main course item you can consider using buffet portion yield option!
  3. Consider the popularity of items, you may require more portions to be safe, especially beef or shrimp.

    Hot Dishes ...

  • Hot Entrées: you should figure 6-8 oz per person
  • Hot Sides: you should figure 4-6 oz per person
  • we recommend a 3-5 oz serving if you are offering several options!
  • FULL Pan (25-30 servings)
  • HALF Pan (12-15 servings)
  • ..... ready to eat / ready to heat / ready to cook, it's your choice.

    Mixed Salads ...

    hearty salads to serve as a meal or to compliment any menu

  • FULL Pan (12-15 Servings)
  • HALF Pan (20-30 Servings)
  • Deli Salads ...

  • FULL Pans = (10#)
  • HALF Pan = (5#)
  • we recommend a 2-3 oz serving if you are offering several salads or a 4-6 oz serving if you only offer 1 option!

    Hors d'oeuvres and Party trays...

    When serving Displays only

  • figure 3-4 each ( Large, Medium or Small )
  • When serving Displays & Hors d'oeuvres:

  • figure 2-3 each ( Large, Medium or Small ) plus 3 - 6 hors d' oeuvre pieces per person
  • If Serving hot or chilled Hors d’oeuvre's only:

  • figure 8-12 pieces per person
  • When Serving Hors d’oeuvre's & Dinner:

  • figure 4-6 hot or chilled pieces per person
  • Party Platter are available as... 

  • Small (serves 12-15)
  • Medium (serves 30-40)
  • Large (serves 60-75)
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