Stationed Service

Frequently asked questions

What is Stationed Service?

individual interactive food service locations serving various culinary selections. They include themed, dinner and sampling style foods. We offer self service style and chef attended versions with everything being prepared to order

How many stations do I need?

as a party add on, most stations can be utilized as single feature. Our Dinner Stations are ideal for main course options. If you are planning a station reception menu we recommend a minimum of three Stations to offer variety and diversity.

How are stations priced?

for most events we provide services at each station for up to two hours or until your agenda moves to the next phase of service.

How fast can you serve my guests?

Every station is different and we adjust the presentation-service style to the particulars of your event and agenda.
Option "A" all guest will eat at once and will move from station to station in a sequence as a main course and pre-set agenda.
Option "B" all stations are disbursed and guests are encouraged to sample at the individual stations at their own leisure

What about Service Wares?

The appropriate service ware & dishes will be available at all Stations. Depending on the particulars of your event, we will have smaller sampling size or full dinner size dish wares available. We offer both disposable and china options

Do I need any special equipment?

No, we bring everything. All the specialized cooking-serving equipment is provided with each station

Do I need a Chef at every station?

No, some stations are suitable for self service and other will require an attendant.

Stationed Service styles