Buffet Service Options

It's all about, choice, variety and easy planning. We offer endless varieties of buffet menus, from "pre-set packages" to "choice buffets" designed to be customize by you. Your guests will be delighted with our culinary creations and presentation.


Menu Packages?

What is included in a package?
All our menus are balanced to includes at least two protein options, starch, vegetables, salads and accompaniments.
Creat a personalized menu by choosing from our endless salad, sides, entree and stationed selections gives you limitless options.
Is there a minimum?
There is a minimum number of quests required for a package price to apply, for smaller groups a minimum expenditure is required. We service events of all sizes.


How much food do I need?
With all our menus, quantities are determined by our culinary staff based on the number of guests expected, Everything is seved and replenished for the amount of time indicated. Guests are encouraged to enjoy second helpings if desired!
All our dishes are prepared in appropriate portion sizes to encourage your guest to enjoy all items featured.

Special Diet?

Does anyone have dietary restricions or allergies?
We feature many vegetarian and gluten free options on our menus.
We prepare all our dishes from scratch. This gives us the ability to accomodate special request or make adjustments to many of our recipes based on your dietary needs.
Please contact our catering department to discuss any special requests for you or your guests.

Carving Feature?

What are carving features?
Some of our buffet menus feature a carving station. Our Chef carves to order your selections of roasts. We include the approriate accompaniments, garnishes and condiments etc..
We also offer add on carving options which can enhance any buffet menu. Featuring "Standard", "Deluxe" or "Premium" carving selections.

Add-On Stations?

What are Add-on stations?
Many enhancement Stations add an interactive or unique component to your menu, offering culinary delights customized and prepared to order.
We offer both chef attended and self service style stations.

  • Choice Buffets

    pick a package and choose your selections ...
  • Theme Buffets

    simple planning, quick choice good for luncheons or dinners ...
  • Gourmet Buffets

    distinct quick pick menus including enhanced features and entrees ...
  • Buffet Selections

    select your entrees, sides and salads to build your personalized menu ....
  • Carving Options

    enhance your buffet with your favorite roast carved at the buffet ...
Buffet Service
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