Menu planning guidelines ...

use to determine the appropriate quantity of food to order for your gathering. Our expert event planners are always available assist you

Portioning & Yield

  • Generally the portion yield listed is approx. and actual yield depends on how many different items you include!
  • When you offer more than one main course item you can consider using buffet portion yield option.
  • Consider the popularity of items, you may require more portions to be safe, especially beef or shrimp
Entree Portioning
we recommend to figure 6-8 oz portions per person.
you may reduce to a 3-5 oz serving if multible entrees!
Sides & vegetable Portioning
we recommend you figure 4-6 oz portion per guest
Salad Portioning
For most deli salads we recommend a 2-3 oz serving per item on your menu
For Potato Salads: we recommend a 4-6 oz servings
  • FULL Pans = 10#
  • HALF Pan = 5#
    Green and Chopped salads:
  • HALF PAN serves approx 12-15 guest
  • FULL PAN serves approx 20-25 guest
Hors d'oeuvre Portioning

Displays & Trays:

  • When serving Displays only - figure 3-4 total
  • When serving Displays & Hors d'oeuvres figure 2-3 Displays plus 3-6 hors d'oeuvre pieces per guest Hot Hors d'oeuvres:
  • Serving hot or chilled Hors d’oeuvre's only - figure 8-12 pieces per guest
  • When Serving Hors d’oeuvre's & Dinner - figure 4-6 hot or chilled pieces per guest

  • Half Pans

    serve approx. 12-15 guests
  • Full Pans

    serve approx. 25-30 guests
  • Small Displays

    serve approx 15-20 guests
  • Medium Displays

    serve approx 30-40 guests
  • Large Displays

    serve approx 60-75 guests
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