Dance Floors

TENTS (Staging)
Stairs for Biljax Stage
4x4 Biljax Staging Sections with Carpet
4'x8' Staging Sections with Carpet

Tent Dance Floor & Staging Options

* rental dance floors come in incremental sizes to create a square or rectangular floor in various materials and finishes 12'x12' minimum! * raised staging is available in 4'x4 & 4x8' sections and can be skirted!

TENTS (Dance Floors)
Dance Floor 12' x 16'
Dance Floor 12' x 24'
Dance Floor 16' x 18'
Dance Floor 16' x 20'
Dance Floor 20' x 21'
Plywood Flooring (per sq. ft.)

TENTS (Carpet)
12'x 20' Green Astro Turf Green Astro Turf (per square ft.)

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