* frame tent features
the versatility of a frame tent allows you to place your tent on any surface the absence of center poles leaves the interior of the tent wide open!

10'x10' White Frame Tent
15'x15' White Frame Tent
10'x20' White Frame Tent
20'x20' White Frame Tent
20'x30' White Frame Tent
20'x40' White Frame Tent
20'x50' White Frame Tent
30'x100' White Frame Tent
30'x110' White Frame Tent
30'x30' White Frame Tent
30'x40' White Frame Tent
30'x50' White Frame Tent
30'x60' White Frame Tent
30'x75' White Frame Tent
30'x90' White Frame Tent
9'x10' Expandable Marquee (First Section)


* pole tent features
the plunging lines and majestic peaks of a pole tent create a striking effect for any event, these tents are staked into the ground and have center supporting poles!

15'x15' White Pole Tent
20'x20' White Pole Tent
28'x28' White Capri Pole Tent
20'x30' White Pole Tent
20'x40' White Pole Tent
30'x60' White Pole Tent
30'x90' White Pole Tent
30'x30' White Pole Tent
30'x45' White Pole Tent
30'x50' White Pole Tent
30'x75' White Pole Tent
40'x60' White Pole Tent
40'x80' White Pole Tent
40'x100' White Pole Tent
40'x40' White Pole Tent
50'x80' White Pole Tent
50'x100' White Pole Tent
100'x120' White Pole Tent
100' x 200' White Pole Tent
50x60' White Pole Tent
60'x120' White Pole Tent
60'x90' White Pole Tent

Tent Sides

* enclosing your tent with sidewalls can protect your guests from the elements and can also provide privacy! * lighting gives you the option of extending your festivities into the evening, from casual to decorative we have endless options available!

TENTS (Sides)
Solid White Tent Sidewall (7'x 20' Section)
French Windows Tent Sidewall (7'x 20' Section)
Mesh Tent Sidewall (7'x 20' Section)
8' Windows Sidewalls
8' Clear Sidewalls
Tent Rain Gutter (20')
Tent Rain Gutter (30')
Tent Rain Gutter (40')

Tent Extras & Heaters

* we have numerous accessories and enhancements available to compliment any tent! * heaters will allow your guests to enjoy the festivities any time of the yea radiant patio units or a forced air units available!

TENT (Extras)
Concrete Tent Weights for Frame Tent (No Stakes Used)
Tent Ceiling Liner (per square foot)
Tent Swags
Pole Drape for Tent Center Poles
Tree Decor For Tent Center Poles
Birch Tree Decor for Tent Center Poles
Pole Drape for Tent Perimeter Poles
Birch Tree Decor for Tent Perimeter Poles

TENTS (Heaters)
Tent Heater with Blower 160,000 BTU
Tent Heater with Blower 70,000 BTU
Patio Heater Radiant 90,000 BTU
Propane Tank for Heater (100#)
Propane Tank for Heater (30#)
Propane Tank for Heater (20#)

Mood Lighting

TENTS (Lighting)
Perimeter Lights/ Per Foot
Halogen Lamps - 300 Watts
Japanese Lantern 50 String
4 Globe Hanging Light Chandelier (White)
Par Can Light (300 watt)
Luminaries/ Accent or Walkway Candle Lights
Tiki Torches with Citronella Oil
Par 64 Light Multi Color (LED)
Par 16 Spot Light (LED)
Single Globe Light (White)
Pin Spots

TENTS (Staging)
Stairs for Biljax Stage
4x4 Biljax Staging Sections with Carpet
4'x8' Staging Sections with Carpet

Tent Dance Floor & Staging Options

* rental dance floors come in incremental sizes to create a square or rectangular floor in various materials and finishes 12'x12' minimum! * raised staging is available in 4'x4 & 4x8' sections and can be skirted!

TENTS (Dance Floors)
Dance Floor 12' x 16'
Dance Floor 12' x 24'
Dance Floor 16' x 18'
Dance Floor 16' x 20'
Dance Floor 20' x 21'
Plywood Flooring (per sq. ft.)

TENTS (Carpet)
12'x 20' Green Astro Turf Green Astro Turf (per square ft.)

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