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Catered Bar Policy

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Applicable to Rainer's Gourmet Inc. Catered Bar Services


For all events where alcoholic bar services will be provided by RGI Inc. the following applies.

  1. A statement "requesting Rainer's Gourmet Inc. to provide a bar set-up", must be signed by the landlord of the event site. In order to submit the permit in a timely basis, confirmed contract and landlord statement are due 30 days prior to your event.
  2. We can then apply for the permit which allows us to serve liquor off our premises. The NY State Liquor Authority requires minimum 15 business days prior to the event to process the permit.
  3. A $75 off-premise liquor license permit fee per bar station is charged


Catered Functions requiring travel by our staff to & from the event locations that exceeds 30 minutes travel time, you will be charged a travel fee of $15.00 per hour per staff


Our quoted prices include the specified length of service time included with your package.

Please discuss overtime fees and rates with our event planner since they are specific to the facility and type of event!


Catered Bar Set-ups require a $125 Bartender Fee


Rainer's Gourmet Inc. employs bartenders & staff that are TIPS trained and will strictly adhere to NY State ABC Laws. We reserve the right to make decisions on whether or not to continue serving a guest at one of our events. All guests who appear to be under the age of 25 will be asked for ID to confirm that they are of the legal drinking age. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed to be brought on the premises.