Reception Entertaining Options


  • Reception Hors d'oeuvre Features
    Our reception packages offerings include multiple tiers of hors d'oeuvre features.
    The Cocktail hour is designed to start entertaining your guests while the bridal party and family are occupied with the photo sessions etc.
    Generally lasting 60-90 minutes. During this time we offer your guests a spectacular start to your reception.
  • Reception Bar Features
    Reception Cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres are designed to entertain your guests while the bridal party is occupied with the receiving line, photo session etc.
  • Plated Style Receptions
    Table Service Receptions offer multiple tiers of features. Planning may require a few extra steps.
  • Buffet Style Reception
    Buffet Receptions offer endless choices and require minimal planning for a spectacular menu
  • Stationed Style Receptions
    Stationed receptions offer endless themes, interactive menu and dining experiences for your guests to enjoy
  • Themed Receptions
    Theme Receptions options include Barbeque, Gourmet Grilling, Brunch or Italian Feast themes.
  • Package Enhancements
    Reception Package Enhancements
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